Monday, June 18, 2012

Moving Forward 2.0

I suppose this is the second in a series of ' Moving Forward" posts. The first is on our Tornado Gallery blogspot page, please take a second and peruse if you like. The June Downtown Art Market was the beginning of our fourth year. Four years of a monthly arts, crafts and farmers market in downtown Lubbock, some things have been, easier than others, some more difficult but we always try and move forward. In that spirit, the July market will bring some changes that will encourage more produce, plant and flower folks to participate. In fact we have commitments from new growers like Sunburst Farms, 2 new additions, a fresh bakery and a cheese maker, all will be here in July. This will be the beginning of increasing the "green" side of the market. It's tough here in the Hub, the farmers market season has kicked fully in other parts of the State, but here its usually July before we come into full swing. We're really wanting a big turnout fr this one so please tell everyone you know.
Stay tuned to this page for more updates...

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