Monday, September 14, 2009

Vendor Links

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Slightly Soggy September

Well Marketeers we did it again...despite the ominous radar and the off and on drizzle, September's Market went very well. Although attendance was down, we still had around 600 folks, and there were some competing events most importantly The Cowboy Symposium.

It was in the words of one of our vendors still a great day. People were carrying sacks of Artistic works as well as fruits and veggies. The cool weather did add a nice calm to the whole event, it was less frenzied and there seemed to be a lot more interaction with Marketeers and Customers. That to me shows that the DAM is as much a community social event as it is a Market. That is a wonderful unexpected bonus to the effort.

Coming up in October we will be blocking part of Buddy Holly to traffic and setting up some stands in the street, this is the first step into making some of the Markets into full blown street festivals.

We hope y'all enjoyed our strolling musicians Wade Parks and Bobby Saied, we have wanted music as apart of this since the start. Thanks Guys.

Lets face it folks Art , Food and Music all make the World a better place for us all. Keep up the good work and we will too.
Larry Simmons

Monday, September 7, 2009

Here It Comes!

Okay Folks, this Saturday the 12th its DAM time again...the Market will be open and I have a feeling this one will be great. Everyone involved is looking forward to it and wondering how it can get any better, yet it has every month. The Artists and Growers are always stepping up to the plate and never disappointing their customers. The people who come are reconnecting to friends and a better style of life while rediscovering Downtown Lubbock. This Market is a chance for all of us to do something positive for each other while showing the Community that great things can happen when everyone pulls in the same direction. Come on L-Town-lets show people what we're made of!