Thursday, January 13, 2011

2011 The Year Ahead...

We are heading into 2011, can you believe that. Seems just like it was 2010 a few days ago...
So whats going to be in store for the coming year, well that's what this will be about-where we're headed and why. We have been blessed with strong support from Artists, Growers and customers alike-Thank You one and all.

The DAM will continue on the second Saturday every month, except January-everyone deserves some time off. We strive to bring in the best local and regional arts and crafts, every month.The freshest in Texas produce and plants. We want the DAM to showcase the finest work, the tastiest foods, most beautiful flowers and plants,the best artisans working in the area. Y'all are the family, the creative family that is the Downtown Art Market, it is an event to be proud of.

More vendors and customers we all want that, and we'll get them. A more varied array of art, please tell the artists you know about us. That's how the word spreads, the buzz we create. Telling one more person about the market, adds another friend to everyone. The quality of what is sold at the DAM is always first rate, that is a fact that will distinguish us from other markets. The location is great, the people wonderful, and the experience is just that, an enjoyable experience. It is a family outing in Downtown Lubbock, the closest thing to community shopping in Lubbock.

The DAM is working with the neighborhood, to involve them more on those second Saturdays, have more places open in the Depot District and to let their customers know that we are here and open. Most of the business owners and employees come in to the Market, to browse and say "Hello" some of them are good customers for our vendors. That's support. We want that to grow.

I think that will do it...let me know what you think folks, we'll try and make it happen.

Larry Simmons

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Just a reminder

Happy New Year folks-remember the DAM is closed every January-we'll see you in February!