Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Join Us

Located at the Heart of the Arts District...19th and Buddy Holly Ave. in Lubbock, Texas. The Downtown Art Market is a community effort to allow artists and others to sell their wares or their talents to the community. We are a monthly event that is an affordable, laid-back market to showcase YOU. It is an off-shoot of Tornado Gallery and we attract a broad range of open minded people that are into making Downtown Lubbock the center of the entire community once more.

If you have a talent, a product, a song a CD, more pecans than you can use...this is the event for you. Join with us and support your neighborhood. Our market is a year-round , monthly event..the Second Saturday of each month. Get in on the ground floor and help us make this a success. For $30 dollars we will give you 150 sq. ft.space in which to ply your wares.....For 1 year. Yes , 1 Year. We will charge $25 for 150sq. ft. *every month *after we open on the second Saturday of May...the 9th... Get in now and help us get started.

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In order to prove the viability of this Market, we've found an unusual platform, as unusual as our offer of membership. We've signed on with :

Everyone pledges money by the deadline and Fundable turns pledges into payments.
Fundable deletes everyone's pledge and no one pays anything.

Just click on this link, for more details, and to join up On our Fundables Page: