Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Getting The Word Out.

This Saturday stands the chance to be the biggest market yet. If that sounds familiar. it's because we've said this for the past two markets and been right both times. Folks the market is going very well, we've added new growers, new food vendors and the artists are bringing in new work that is outstanding, it's a great time for the Downtown Art and Farmers Market.

Some things to look for:
        New growers-Jimmy Harden, the Juicy Lucy ladies, Sherry Pullen with her produce.
        Look for the "Locally Grown by Me" signs our folks have, they'll tell you what they grew  themselves,and how they grew it.
         Fresh roasted coffee beans
         More consumables, breakfast items, lunch and cold beverages and snacks.
         The stalwarts, the anchors, folks like Amanda from Crazy Hoe Farms, Cal from Apple Country, the Thiel family with Sunburst farms.
          The market booth with Justin, Laura, Gerron and Olivia, wonderful plants, markets bags, calendars and information, stop by and say hello.

Some things that gets asked every market is where does the produce come from, is it local, how was it grown? Folks just ask the vendor, look for the signs, be involved with the information available. Our growers are proud of their products and will share any info they have.

So everyone, please mark your calendars for the 10th of August, this Saturday at 19th and Buddy Holly, 9am to 3pm the Lubbock Downtown Farmers Market will be bringing food and fun to Lubbock.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Yes, we are still here...

Yes, the Downtown Art Market blog is still here.
It's inexcusable  that I haven;t been even remotely regular in posting, but we have been very regular in sustaining the DAM through it's forth year. May of 2013 marks the 4th anniversary of the first Downtown Art Market. Time really flies when you're having fun, and we did have fun in 2012. That year saw the biggest jump in the market since the beginning. The increase in the food growers and producers drove the traffic and all of our artists benefited. Big, big numbers in the kind folks who supported us. Thank you one and all.

Now it's May and the market is coming up on Saturday the 11th, a somber anniversary in Lubbock, 43 years since the storm that changed our community. I wasn't here then, but have heard about it and seen the changes myself in the 40 years I have been in Lubbock. Changes that have been good for the community arising from necessity, due to tragedy. The strengthening of a community.

We have developed quite the community at the DAM, both the vendors and the folks who support us and we are very thankful for that. We are determined to keep that community together, we've made it 4 years we can make it for 40 more. The Downtown Art and Farmers Market will continue to grow and flourish under the care of everyone in Lubbock. We will continue to be a shining example of what can be accomplished by individuals coming together for a greater cause. A bright spot in the continuing resurgence of downtown Lubbock, an event that will bring together folks from all over Lubbock and the rest of the South Plains.

Folks, if you know anyone who hasn't come to the DAM yet, let them know about it. If you've come once, please come again. Tell your friends, your family, your neighbors because this is the way that community projects keep gaining steam. Word of mouth, you can't buy it and you can't do without it, it is what fuels little projects like ours. The buzz that happy people create when they talk about the artwork they purchased, how great the fresh eggs and vegetables were that they purchased there, what an enjoyable time they had visiting with their old friends and the new ones they met, that buzz s what keeps us motivated to bring y'all the Downtown Art and Farmers Market each month. Yes that buzz of goodwill is all we need.

Thanks all-
Larry Simmons

Monday, July 30, 2012

The July Markets!

Here it is the 30th of July 2012 and all we can say is- Thank You Lubbock! What a tremendous turnout for both, yes both Downtown Art Markets this month. Two markets in one month, both well attended with a variety of art and foodstuffs...that's a major accomplishment in our book. We are lucky enough to have had tremendous artists at the DAM over the last 3 years, all working in so many media we've lost track. Great locally produced arts and crafts. The last couple of markets, they've been different, the DAM has always been a cool scene to go to, but these July DAMs they went up a notch. the DAM Farmers Market just went through the roof. Everyone has raved about the addition of more growers, Sunburst, Crazy Hoes, Apple Country Orchards all represented. Eggs from Canyon, cheese from Farwell...and we want more folks. Everyone has a story about going to a public market, fresh food, the arts and crafts booths, local restaurants with their wares on the street and the fun it was. We want to be that market for today, a contemporary version that reflects the people of our city.

The Downtown Art Market has been here since 2009, we now, should have added Farmers into that long ago. Whenever you read this post, ( I hope someone will) please remember the DAM and the Downtown Farmers Market are one in the same. A great way to spend some time in downtown Lubbock- meet talented folks and see their creations, shake hands and talk with the people who grew those killer watermelons, tomatos or peppers but most of all its a fine way to spend a day outside with your family, friends and neighbors.

Thanks Folks-
Larry Simmons

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Twice in a month!

Folks, we have to say a big "Thank You" to all involved in the July 14th market...truly the best DAM to date. The kickoff to the farmers market season was a huge success! Lots of vendors, lots of folks and lots of fun made this a truly special event. Now to keep this up and get ready for next season, we are having the second July market. This Saturday the 28th you can come see what all the hoopla was about. Beginning this month and continuing through the end of season in October, the market will be open twice every month on the second and fourth Saturdays . That's twice the chances to come see and purchase the finest in local art and the freshest in locally produced foods and produce. We'll have most of the same growers we had on the 14th plus a few new ones that didn't make it out. Lots of fresh produce and foods. We had a lot of sell-outs in cheese, eggs and produce, so if you're looking for something special, you might want to be here at opening. Remember folks, Saturday the 28th, 9am to 3pm at 19th Street and Buddy Holly-in the Depot District...fun for all!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Farmers Market Kick-Off!

So Saturday the 14h of July is shaping up to be a big day at the market. We have been working diligently to bring, at your requests, a bigger "green" branch to the Downtown Art Market. The voices were strong ;more veggies, more fruit, local foods-a bigger "green branch" Here it starts-in July, on the second Saturday.

We have new folks-Sunburst Farms, GRUB Farm from the food bank, Elle Farms, Dutch Cheesemaking, Simply Decadent breads and Klemkes from Slaton. Apple Country Orchard and some of their growers, High Plains Gardens, as always. This will be the biggest farmers market at the DAM to date. Folks that's 3 years - this one promises to be great.

We are not forgetting the Artists that always make the Downtown Art Market the cool spot to be...even in this heat. Sandstorm Glassworks, Texas Leatherrworks, Melissa Lee's killer gourds, Rachael Jones reconstructed jewelry and all of Dirty Deeds great products-they'll all be there.The Downtown Art Market is one of those little hidden things in Lubbock to a lot of people, we need to tell everyone to come see the July market.

We'll see everyone bright and early on the 14th of July-second Saturday as always-The Downtown Art Market-19th Street at Buddy Holly Avenue.

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Moving Forward 2.0

I suppose this is the second in a series of ' Moving Forward" posts. The first is on our Tornado Gallery blogspot page, please take a second and peruse if you like. The June Downtown Art Market was the beginning of our fourth year. Four years of a monthly arts, crafts and farmers market in downtown Lubbock, some things have been, easier than others, some more difficult but we always try and move forward. In that spirit, the July market will bring some changes that will encourage more produce, plant and flower folks to participate. In fact we have commitments from new growers like Sunburst Farms, 2 new additions, a fresh bakery and a cheese maker, all will be here in July. This will be the beginning of increasing the "green" side of the market. It's tough here in the Hub, the farmers market season has kicked fully in other parts of the State, but here its usually July before we come into full swing. We're really wanting a big turnout fr this one so please tell everyone you know.
Stay tuned to this page for more updates...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The February Downtown Art Market

Here it is February of 2012 and the year's first market. Chances are it will be brisk in the morning so everyone, artists, growers and our fans please dress warm.
2011 was a "long strange trip" to quote the Grateful Dead-it will be viewed as a pivotal year in the evolution of the Downtown Art Market in Lubbock. It was our third year and as we roll into year 4, we have to look at some basic changes.
The growers among us had a dismal year. The DAM really missed having the beautiful flowers, plants, and produce that make us so popular. That was very unfortunate but no one could have foreseen the weather. The weather was another factor in 2011, the heat was unbearable on market days and we moved as many vendors as possible indoors-that lost us our street presence, one of the key ingredients in the DAM. We did 3 events with the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal at the Civic Center-wonderful events. All the DAM folks that I talked to loved being inside, I did too, but it led to some confusion with some vendors and customers missing the markets. On that subject, in March we will be having the DAM at 19th and Buddy Holly-we urge any vendor who liked the Civic Center to participate in the AJ's Bigger than Texas Garage Sale on that same day, attend both events!
Now we are looking at where we take the DAM now. The city has enacted a new street-use permit for folks who sell on city property-sidewalks-that will affect us. We have finished moving Tony's neon shop into the rear building with Lee so that space is gone. The big shop will not be used for growers any longer, we are simply too busy to set it up every month. That will leave the gallery and the garden only, that drastically reduces our space and therefore the number of vendors. We need to look at options on the best way to proceed forward. Do we limit the number of types of art and crafts-2 painters, 2 jewelery, for example. Do we change the day to maybe First Friday and do the First Friday Art Market? The folks who set up on that day all enjoy it. We have always tried to be fair and equitable with all involved so we find ourselves in a quandary. We are working on our next steps. I'd also encourage everyone to submit their opinion on this blog. Leave a comment1

Don't forget this Saturday 9am to 3pm the 32nd monthly Downtown Art Market, artists, growers, and crafts people all at Tornado Gallery in beautiful downtown Lubbock, Texas.