Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Second Market and Beyond

Folks this idea is catching on, the second Art Market was another blistering success, blistering as in the heat! Every one of our Marketers deserves a huge pat on the back for hanging tough. As we all know Lubbock is hot, and it rang true on the We increased our vendor count, stayed almost the same on customer traffic and again we saw people leaving with purchased items, thats right our Artists sold things. This Market is as much an attempt to make The Hub a cool place to buy Art, as it is an experiment in community effort. Maybe that should be "communal" effort-whichever it is a group of people who come together on the second Saturday each month and bring a little neighborly spirit to Downtown Lubbock. Why not get on board.

Whats in store for the future you do we, what do y'all see. The July Downtown Art Market will see (hopefully) our first produce people with more to come. We want to add a fresh produce/food thang to the Downtown Art Market, we'd like to see demos of some of the Art displayed, looking for a glass bead maker to work in the ArtLab, we have lots of ideas ahead, and we'll keep on trying to increase our traffic flow.We hope everyone will stick with us and tell their friends, this is a labor of Love but also a work of Art, and we want everyone to help in its creation.

Lubbock Farmers Market Grass Roots Committee

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Our Second Market

" There's Indians in that Tee Pee, I just know it. "

Aerial shot from Tony Greer

Our Next Market is July 11th. See you there.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The June 13th Downtown Art Market

Its that second Saturday and that means The Downtown Art Market...this Saturday at 9am. The first was a success despite the unfavorable weather, and this one will be bigger. We want everyone who reads this to come out and support this event. This is a terrific way for artists, families and neighbors to come together and support Lubbock Arts. We have a wide variety of wares and vendors and there have been more sign up, We think we have something here...a grassroots event for everyone, for a good cause. Lets keep this rolling and just get bigger and better...see y'all Saturday.
Larry Simmons