Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Evolving Downtown Art Market.

Happy Holidays to all of you folks who will read this. I'd say Merry Christmas but its just not quite close enough to the 25th.
The December DAM s right around the corner on the 10th and this will mark some changes for the market. When we concieved the DAM it was an outdoor event, in the garden and along the sidewalks on Buddy Holly. As it progressed the ,Shop area became a part of it and so did the area by Sandstorm Glassworks. Folks, sorry but hat has changed. We have moved the neon shop into the rear and the shop area is now just that our workshop. This means that the DAM will take place in Tornado Gallery and in the garden, it goes back to an outdoor event. Yes, We realize that puts us at the mercy of the weather but it cannot be helped. Progress on the main front requires it. Call me to talk about this 441-8564 I'm always available...
January is the off month for the DAM so we'll see everyone on the 10th.