Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Farmers Market Kick-Off!

So Saturday the 14h of July is shaping up to be a big day at the market. We have been working diligently to bring, at your requests, a bigger "green" branch to the Downtown Art Market. The voices were strong ;more veggies, more fruit, local foods-a bigger "green branch" Here it starts-in July, on the second Saturday.

We have new folks-Sunburst Farms, GRUB Farm from the food bank, Elle Farms, Dutch Cheesemaking, Simply Decadent breads and Klemkes from Slaton. Apple Country Orchard and some of their growers, High Plains Gardens, as always. This will be the biggest farmers market at the DAM to date. Folks that's 3 years - this one promises to be great.

We are not forgetting the Artists that always make the Downtown Art Market the cool spot to be...even in this heat. Sandstorm Glassworks, Texas Leatherrworks, Melissa Lee's killer gourds, Rachael Jones reconstructed jewelry and all of Dirty Deeds great products-they'll all be there.The Downtown Art Market is one of those little hidden things in Lubbock to a lot of people, we need to tell everyone to come see the July market.

We'll see everyone bright and early on the 14th of July-second Saturday as always-The Downtown Art Market-19th Street at Buddy Holly Avenue.

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