Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The February Downtown Art Market

Here it is February of 2012 and the year's first market. Chances are it will be brisk in the morning so everyone, artists, growers and our fans please dress warm.
2011 was a "long strange trip" to quote the Grateful Dead-it will be viewed as a pivotal year in the evolution of the Downtown Art Market in Lubbock. It was our third year and as we roll into year 4, we have to look at some basic changes.
The growers among us had a dismal year. The DAM really missed having the beautiful flowers, plants, and produce that make us so popular. That was very unfortunate but no one could have foreseen the weather. The weather was another factor in 2011, the heat was unbearable on market days and we moved as many vendors as possible indoors-that lost us our street presence, one of the key ingredients in the DAM. We did 3 events with the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal at the Civic Center-wonderful events. All the DAM folks that I talked to loved being inside, I did too, but it led to some confusion with some vendors and customers missing the markets. On that subject, in March we will be having the DAM at 19th and Buddy Holly-we urge any vendor who liked the Civic Center to participate in the AJ's Bigger than Texas Garage Sale on that same day, attend both events!
Now we are looking at where we take the DAM now. The city has enacted a new street-use permit for folks who sell on city property-sidewalks-that will affect us. We have finished moving Tony's neon shop into the rear building with Lee so that space is gone. The big shop will not be used for growers any longer, we are simply too busy to set it up every month. That will leave the gallery and the garden only, that drastically reduces our space and therefore the number of vendors. We need to look at options on the best way to proceed forward. Do we limit the number of types of art and crafts-2 painters, 2 jewelery, for example. Do we change the day to maybe First Friday and do the First Friday Art Market? The folks who set up on that day all enjoy it. We have always tried to be fair and equitable with all involved so we find ourselves in a quandary. We are working on our next steps. I'd also encourage everyone to submit their opinion on this blog. Leave a comment1

Don't forget this Saturday 9am to 3pm the 32nd monthly Downtown Art Market, artists, growers, and crafts people all at Tornado Gallery in beautiful downtown Lubbock, Texas.


Anonymous said...

I would miss the Saturday. We cannot always get out to FFAT because of other commitments and I hate thinking I'd not be able to attend the DAM. :-(

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

Seems like moving the DAM to FFAT night will not solve the problem of lack of space. Just wondering has the City Council approved the street use permit yet? or is it just a possibility?

Hmmm,I'm not sure what a good solution to this would be,but as a new vendor it is somewhat worrisome.

Would this lead to a juried event or possibly a drawing?That's what they are doing for the popular magnet schools do determine who gets in if you are outside district. I hope if things lead to a juried event diversity reigns-that is what makes a market worth going to.

Finn's Wooden Toys said...

Too bad the spaces will be limited so much.
I have found that the folks attending the first Fridays are lookers and not buyers. This is a disincentive to us vendors.
I would like to continue to sell my wooden items at D.A.M. if there is room.

Heather said...

I do think just moving it to the FFAT wont solve the problem of space. In fact there will be less, since "vendors" arent really in the Gallery area for a FFAT. SO even the people normally set up in the gallery space would then be crowded into the outdoors of Tornado on one of its busiest nights.

I think its beneficial to remain open for the DAM on the second Saturday.

I definitely dont have all the answers to make it all work, and I do appreciate how much effort yall have put into this. I see the "art market" scene starting to split which I think could possibly even hurt the efforts, if we are all competing against one another for patrons and customers. I dont really see how that helps any of us.

I think thats one reason I really love the FFAT model. (not that I think that would work for a market set up) I like that all the galleries come together and make it fun and easy to see them. Its about making it accessible to the locals. This brings in commerce for the downtown area. I wish that the city would see our types of events as something that HELPS the community not hinders it.

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