Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sorry Folks...

This is a blanket apology to all our followers concerning the January DAM. My Tech-ineptness did not get an updated post to load. We pulled the DAM on Thursday with the dire cold weather reports. The ad fr the GO magazine and Bill's announcement in that mag on Friday had already been printed. I sent out all the emails I could and posted as many bulletins on media sites but I did miss some folks. I was updating this post and trying to upload a new image and it did not work.(Anybody giving internet lessons call me.)

To reiterate, The Downtown Art Market will be an 11 month season from now on, with January being a catch your breath month. We had a wonderful December and I think everyone could use a break.

We are working on the new space fees and the like an will be gettin g with everyone at the February DAM. As we always have , we'll be fair. We want this to continue to grow and for all our vendors to be happy.

Again my apologies to all...
Larry Simmons

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