Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year!

2010...sounded like the future when I was growing up, yet here it is. I hope we're ready. 2009 was a stellar year for us, the Marketeers, Tornado Gallery and of course The Downtown Art Market. We never imagined how great an event the Market would become. Our pride is shared, hopefully, by those intrepid individuals who set up their booths and sell their Art, by the Growers who bring the proofs of their labors every month. And by you the supporters of the DAM, y'all who buy things, visit with us here, pat everyone on the back and generally lift everyone's spirits month after month. Thanks to All of You.

This month looks like its going to be cold, it might turn out to be the slimmest Market yet, but that won't stop us. We'll try and make it happen. In February its the day before Valentines Day and we will have fresh cut local flowers and other items for your loved ones. In July we take to the streets every month for some really big things.

Yes Folks 2010 is here and the Downtown Art Market is hitting the ground running, thanks to everyone of you!

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