Monday, July 30, 2012

The July Markets!

Here it is the 30th of July 2012 and all we can say is- Thank You Lubbock! What a tremendous turnout for both, yes both Downtown Art Markets this month. Two markets in one month, both well attended with a variety of art and foodstuffs...that's a major accomplishment in our book. We are lucky enough to have had tremendous artists at the DAM over the last 3 years, all working in so many media we've lost track. Great locally produced arts and crafts. The last couple of markets, they've been different, the DAM has always been a cool scene to go to, but these July DAMs they went up a notch. the DAM Farmers Market just went through the roof. Everyone has raved about the addition of more growers, Sunburst, Crazy Hoes, Apple Country Orchards all represented. Eggs from Canyon, cheese from Farwell...and we want more folks. Everyone has a story about going to a public market, fresh food, the arts and crafts booths, local restaurants with their wares on the street and the fun it was. We want to be that market for today, a contemporary version that reflects the people of our city.

The Downtown Art Market has been here since 2009, we now, should have added Farmers into that long ago. Whenever you read this post, ( I hope someone will) please remember the DAM and the Downtown Farmers Market are one in the same. A great way to spend some time in downtown Lubbock- meet talented folks and see their creations, shake hands and talk with the people who grew those killer watermelons, tomatos or peppers but most of all its a fine way to spend a day outside with your family, friends and neighbors.

Thanks Folks-
Larry Simmons

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laura said...

well said larry!!! i love the last line the best!