Sunday, August 9, 2009

August 8th-What a day!

What more can we say than Thank You One and All! What a day! The Downtown Art Market wants to thank everyone who is a part of this community, the Art community, the Growers community we're all in this together and it showed on Saturday. What a spirit there was patrons and vendors alike!
We really do need to Thank some people-Elizabeth at The Lubbock Arts Alliance-she is one of a kind-and is on our side. She was our first organization sponsor and did those beautiful post cards, She is a rock in the Arts Community.
The Lubbock Avalanche Journal has stayed behind this from the beginning, they keep us in the events, neighborhood and community columns every month. That is huge folks-Thank You to the AJ.
People-give yourselves an Atta Boy-our Artists and Growers work extremely hard to do this Market and you are supporting it! The goodwill that is displayed at the market is overwhelming. Y"all make this the event it is...Hang on because its only going to get better.

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