Monday, May 11, 2009

The Baby Has Arrived

Well, our little baby was delivered here Saturday to much fan fare. I am happy to report she had all her fingers and toes. And she blew in on a brisk 35 m.p.h. north wind. But we Texans have sand, if nothing else.


Our turn out was good 19 vendors, and about 250 people I've never seen before in my life. People here seem to get what we're up to. We've got at least 3 farmer/gardener operations lined up , coming on stream in June. That will really add to the traffic. And I know from our small experiments with this last year, that having the traffic we had on our opening day , will really please these local producers who have joined us.

Colorado Bob sez buy a DAM shirt & a Dam Poster

This site, and the way we got our seed money together is a project of mine , along with Randy Fisher, who worked tirelessly with me to create, this site, our event poster, and this cool T-Shirt. With Larry Simmons blue editors pencil , and Tony and Jennifer's help, we have made a larger point . That a small group of people looking to get together, can raise the start up money to do it a project. We didn't spend a nickle to set - up this site, and start our project.
And by the wonderful support we received on opening day , well my small social web experiment, has made me very proud of Lubbock. This little Market is a blue print.

One of our aims is to improve the neighborhood. In order to buy materials, and keep funding our efforts, we're selling our shirt to raise money.
Two of the improvements we want to tackle :
1 - A mural on the building across the alley from the market.
2 - A gate way into Tornado Alley at 1820 Buddy Holly over our wrought iron gates.

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